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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Say cheese

When I was a child we had to help my step mom prepare dinner. We were always given tasks like tearing lettuce or peeling potatoes. Since there was 6 of us, all cooking was done on an industrial scale.

My husband and I went shopping this week. -Yes, we are one of those disgustingly cute couples that do this together.- As I reached out to grab a couple of bags of shredded cheese, he stopped me. "Why don't we buy the blocks and shred our own?" he asked.

I had never really thought about before. My whole adult life I just bought the shredded. I had done this task so many times growing up. I don't know if it was because they did not sell the prepackaged back then or if we only bought the blocks because they were more cost effective. I remembered then that I really hated to grate cheese.

I mean REALLY hated to do it.

Then the really trippy thought occurred to me. What other choices have I made without any consideration?
Is my favorite color really blue? Do I actually hate mandarin oranges? Does the smell of rain make me wasn't to bottle and sell it as perfume? I usually try to be open minded about things but were preconceived notions effecting my judgement?

On the opposite end of the spectrum you have people like the members of the Westboro church. These people actually seek out  issues and try to press their opinions on other people in hateful ways. They were here in Okc last night protesting at a Thunder game because an NBA player recently came out of the closet. My daughters boyfriend Andrew and roommate Aaron went down there to counter protest.

It is not for us to judge anyone no matter which side we pick to stand on that moral fence. I think this picture Aaron took says it all.

Photo by: Aaron Blundell

We had tacos last night and because my husband worked late I had to shred the cheese myself. It really wasn't that bad. We will be buying the blocks from now on. It doesn't matter how you use it, shredded, sliced, crumbled, cheese is still cheese.