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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Before you start to read this blog you must start playing this clip from Fiddler on the roof. Not just because I love the musical but because this song is wonderful.
Every year during the holidays we have something we call Spider salad. No, there are no spiders in the salad. What happened after my dad and step mom Connie got married they had everyone over at their house for Thanksgiving that year. The meal was ready and everyone went to sit down and we started to say grace. I happen to glance up and I see a huge spider hanging down from the ceiling over this gorgeous bowl of cranberry salad so I let out a scream. My dad came over and killed it but ever since then we have spider salad at thanksgiving.
It's pretty easy to make:
1 bag of cranberries chopped.
4 large apples
2 cups of sugar (not pictured)
1 bag of mini marshmallows
16oz cool whip

Chop up the apples and cranberries and let them soak in the sugar over night.
Drain off liquids in the morning.

Mix in the marshmallows and walnuts.

Isn't it pretty

Then fold on the cool whip.

I think part of what makes the holidays special is the things you do only during that time. If you don't have any then start one! Spider salad just started with a scream but now Thanksgiving would not be the same without it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall is such a great time to take pictures. The colors are spectacular. The light just right.

...and subjects are more willing to be photographed.

Aren't they stinking cute!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Green Chile Kitchen
My hubby and I tried out a new restaurant here in Yukon.
It made our taste buds very happy. The food is all fresh. The say on their menu they try to use organic produce when they can. You can really taste the difference.

I had the carne adovada. The meat had a subtle seasoning of cinnamon. Surprising but very yummy.

Allen had the smothered Mexican burrito. I think he growled when I tried to sneak a bite.

The salsa was to die for. They just kept it coming. We both tried a margarita. They told us they squeeze fresh limes to make their own sweet and sour mix. I have never been anywhere that does that and the taste was wonderful!
The only bad thing was that they open at 5 which is when we showed up. They had to seat everyone at once so it made the service a bit slow. I think it was worth it though.
If you are interested here is their web site.

Monday, November 5, 2012

When I was in the shower this morning (my husband always laughs at me because of my deep shower thoughts) I was thinking how excited I was about going to see opening night of Breaking Dawn 2. I am going to take my daughters and my brother-in-law. If you haven’t ever gone to an opening night viewing I highly recommend it. It’s just the neatest experience. You have all these people who show up hours before to get a good seat. You kind of develop a camaraderie with the people you are next to in line. It’s like a mini family. You all have the same goal, getting a great seat, are a devoted fan and are on pins and needles waiting to get in to see the movie. You share stories of the first experiences with the characters as you slowly make you ways to the doors. When you finally get to take your seat they make you sit thru what seems like hour of trailers. Then finally, the moment is here. The opening music starts and the whole audience breaks into cheers.
I started to think isn’t it sad that we are all not like that on Sunday morning. Why can’t we all be breathlessly waiting to stampede into those pews? It must have been like that for those people who were alive during Jesus’s time. Waiting hours just to get glimpse of him. Even though he is not now physically present he is there in spirit. And that spirit can spread faster that a wildfire on of hot August day. All it needs is you to fan the flames. I encourage each of you to look deep inside and listen to how God is calling you to reach out and spread those embers around. There are a lot of ways to ways to do this possibly through music, working with youth or children, outreach ministries, or serving on committees. If you just aren’t sure, many church offer spiritual gifts classes to help you discover what your talents might be. I know my church is getting ready to offer one.
We can all be like those movie goers, eagerly waiting for the film to start. There is no reason we all shouldn’t be on our feet cheering as soon as the organ plays the opening notes.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween treat
Isn't that so cute! My boss made these for us on Halloween. She just scooped out the inside of an orange, cut a face and added sherbet. She cut a hole in the top and stuck in a twizzler. You freeze until ready to serve. She put a dab of sherbet on the bottom before she stuck it in her container so when it froze they would not slide around. Genius!