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Monday, November 5, 2012

When I was in the shower this morning (my husband always laughs at me because of my deep shower thoughts) I was thinking how excited I was about going to see opening night of Breaking Dawn 2. I am going to take my daughters and my brother-in-law. If you haven’t ever gone to an opening night viewing I highly recommend it. It’s just the neatest experience. You have all these people who show up hours before to get a good seat. You kind of develop a camaraderie with the people you are next to in line. It’s like a mini family. You all have the same goal, getting a great seat, are a devoted fan and are on pins and needles waiting to get in to see the movie. You share stories of the first experiences with the characters as you slowly make you ways to the doors. When you finally get to take your seat they make you sit thru what seems like hour of trailers. Then finally, the moment is here. The opening music starts and the whole audience breaks into cheers.
I started to think isn’t it sad that we are all not like that on Sunday morning. Why can’t we all be breathlessly waiting to stampede into those pews? It must have been like that for those people who were alive during Jesus’s time. Waiting hours just to get glimpse of him. Even though he is not now physically present he is there in spirit. And that spirit can spread faster that a wildfire on of hot August day. All it needs is you to fan the flames. I encourage each of you to look deep inside and listen to how God is calling you to reach out and spread those embers around. There are a lot of ways to ways to do this possibly through music, working with youth or children, outreach ministries, or serving on committees. If you just aren’t sure, many church offer spiritual gifts classes to help you discover what your talents might be. I know my church is getting ready to offer one.
We can all be like those movie goers, eagerly waiting for the film to start. There is no reason we all shouldn’t be on our feet cheering as soon as the organ plays the opening notes.