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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Davis Oklahoma

We stayed with some friends of ours in a cabin in the Turner Falls area of Davis OK. It is one of my favorite places in OK.

We stayed in this cabin.Here is the link but the web site just does not do it justice.
It was spacious and roomy. He had full size fridge, stove, TV and most important AC!
Honey creek runs right behind the cabin so that was where we ran to first.

Here is my husband checking out the water.

The back deck had a great view of the water.

Here is the back of the cabin.

We went into Sulphur OK to the Chickasaw National Recreational Area and hiked down Bromide Hill. --Yeah I said down. I couldn't remember how to get the bottom starting point but found the top. So we worked our way down. Bad thing was we had to go back up to the top and to get our cars. I might also mention it reached 90 degrees that day.

The sights were spectacular!

Here is the link to the park web site.

This is one of the natural springs that flow through out the park

This is a shot of Honey creek at sunrise. For some reason I can never sleep in when I am on vacation.

We spent a couple of hours catching crawdads in the park too.

The big ones were mean. *No crawdads were harmed during this expedition all were freed before we left.

There was a rope swing attached to one of the trees over the creek too. The kids had a lot of fun with that one.

Sunrise in front of the cabin.

How can you just not be in awe of that view.

Plenty warm enough for wading.

A lot of spring flowers were already blooming.

Another sunrise shot behind the cabin.

Yet it was still cool enough to enjoy a campfire at night.
We had a great time.