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Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring break trip to New Mexico

We took a trip to New Mexico for spring break.
It started off with a hiccup. When we went to pick up our rental car they had given them all away even though we had a reservation. We ended up finding one at another place. We gotten a bigger car at just a tad higher price. So it worked out to our benefit. The drive in was long but beautiful. We planned on staying in Alamogordo first. This is a picture of the sun setting right before we got into town.

We stayed at the Super 8. It wasn't the most expensive place in town but we thought it was great. The rooms were clean and the beds soft.

Breakfast was very good with a great selection. Making your own waffles was a treat.


After we unpacked my hubby realized he had left his hanging clothes at the house. Luckily there was a Kmart right across the street so we picked up some things for him.

The first sight we visited was the the National Space Museum.

It was really educational and we watched an IMAX film on the Hubble which rocked.

Then we went to the White Sands National Memorial. It was beautiful but extremely windy. 

A wind storm kicked up the sand with gusts 20-50 miles an hour. It was a little scary. You couldn't tell the ground from the sky.

Our next stop was Carlsbad Cavern's which was so awesome!

They have all these signs warning you the walk is very physically demanding and they weren't joking.
I don't think I could have walked back up it. My legs would have fallen off. As it was my calves were sore for several days.

But the view down there was definitely worth it.

We left Carlsbad Tues morning. It was an 8 hour drive home but it all was so worth it.