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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Martin Nature Center

I live in the OKC metro area and this city has many, many areas for walking, jogging, riding bikes but my favorite place to stroll is the Martin Nature Center. It's 144 acres that has beeen set aside as a nature preserve. They have smooth graveled paths that are great for walking and running.It's a total of 3.5 miles of well marked trails. They also have a nature center (with clean restrooms) with lots of displays about the wildlife and even some small live animals.

There is a lovely stream and several ponds that go thru the area. My girls love to take their shoes off and wade thru the creek.

In the spring and the summer there are lots of tad poles and minnows.

And of course the picture taking potential is high.

Who doesn't want to be king of the hill?

The rocks can be slippery with moss so be careful! We saw a lady fall in.

They are open Wed-Sun 9am - 6pm. They are located in far northwest Oklahoma City at 5000 West Memorial Road, on the south side of Memorial between N MacArthur Boulevard and N Meridian Avenue.  They're just west of Mercy Hospital.